The Story So Far

The party is currently in eastern Breland, in the forested country west of New Cyre. Their route there, though, covered a lot of ground.

Shadows in Korth

The party started in Korth after working as a mercenary group along the border with Cyre. They arrived and were hired by a patron named Lord Kess who asked them to investigate some mysterious happenings. In doing so, the party uncovered some complex plots involving some Riedran agents with malicious agendas. After sparring with them, the party finally provoked the Riedrans into a bold move: the destruction of the local kalashtar enclave in a raging fire. The loss of life was disheartening, particularly for Thak but clues were left behind which led the party to Q’barra.

Jungles of Q’barra

Following the Riedrans to Q’barra, the party tried to pick up the trail anew in Newthrone. They hired a guide and set off into the jungle after the foreigners, eventually beating them to a powerful node in the jungle which the Riedrans were going to use for some purpose. The party left the location a mystery and returned to Newthrone where they unexpectedly received a missive from Lord Kess. The man congratulated them and asked them to return quickly to Korth to tell him what they’d learned. Hanek did some investigating on his own and found out that Lord Kess was actually in Newthrone himself. He also had lied to the party about his identity; in fact, the man was not a Karrnathi noble at all but a dark creature of power. Chasing him back to Korth, the party discovered that Lord Kess was actually an illithid who had killed a noble and taken his place using disguising potions. The original Lord Kess also had a secret identity, he was a blue dragon who had pretended to be human in order to influence Karranthi politics.

Crisis in Breland

After all this, the party had just a few days to recover. Hanek had been tormented for several nights by bad dreams which he finally remembered. A vision of a man in brass armor leading a powerful army to kill and destroy gripped the necromancer, and a certainty that it was real lead the party to Breland to search for answers. Once in the Elsir Vale, the party discovered that goblin raiders were menacing settlements in the region. The party raided and destroyed the goblins of Vraath Keep and then killed the garrison at Skullgorge Bridge and chased off the green dragon Ozyrrandion, delaying the advancing goblins. They found out from Jorr Natherson, however, that the goblins are in much larger forces than previously thought and that they are allied with dragons who fly alongside the goblin army. The party retreated to Drellin’s Ferry where they tried to convince the town council to evacuate everyone and head for New Cyre. After shoring up the town, the heroes stood with miltia fighters against the goblins but the town was overrun. The party fought Ozyrrandion again and this time killed him before fleeing with the soldiers as the goblins ransacked the town behind them. The party next headed to Talar where they attempted to unravel a complex tangle of gang violence and secrets.

Red Hand of Eberron

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